Rasa with Docker

Haven’t used Docker before but plan to us it to deploy Rasa. Reading this document: Building RASA with Docker

This command is the issue rasa/rasa_core:latest

I absolutely do not want to deploy any Rasa versions that I haven’t added to my virtual environment and tested. My experience so far with Rasa is that there is an ongoing issue with breaking changes. This has cost me hours of work.

Question then is can I deploy my local version that I tested and actually works?


Perhaps you can check the tags to see which version you have used and if it is available in the docker hub or not.

OR You could use the Dockerfile from Github and build your own image based on the requirements.txt you have created for the project

Thanks Souvik. Helpful info. Was a bit shocked to see what was downloaded as a result of me calling docker run from the command line. One of the downloads was over 1GB! Do you know what that file is and where is was persisted? Here’s the pull log:

Unable to find image 'rasa/rasa_core:latest' locally
latest: Pulling from rasa/rasa_core
f7e2b70d04ae: Already exists
43e4f8f1b597: Pull complete
a258d156c9da: Pull complete
d1ad5fffd2fe: Pull complete
c566b011e81d: Pull complete
64ded7e05a8f: Pull complete
5a575380d402: Pull complete
1906d9bfd365: Pull complete
1cac5b734c63: Downloading [===========================================>       ]  916.5MB/1.061GB
1cac5b734c63: Pull complete

Total download size it a bit obscured above. Here’s the truncated version: 1cac5b734c63 [ == / ===> ] 916.5MB/1.061GB

I think I answered my own question about where latest is persisted. But the remaining big mystery is why rasa_core is so huge! This from docker image lsrasa/rasa_core 2.36GB !! What in rasa_core could produce 2.36GB?