Rasa with contentful as a backend

Hi guys. I’m on the lookout for a chatbot solution that can pull it’s data from contentful.

I saw that it was done by tangowork for beagle/people law school (How We Used Contentful to Build a Chatbot That Helps With Everyday Legal Problems - Tangowork: Consultants for Intranets, AI Assistants, Policies & Procedures) and by n26 in neon. I couldn’t find any technical docs on that. Does someone know about a code example or some technical guide?

How difficult would you think such an integration would be? (I know, a very subjective question)

Am I right to assume that I need to use this to wire up contentful: Configuring the HTTP API

Thanks! Silvio

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I’m not familiar with contentful but if there’s a public HTTP API you should be able to communicate with it via custom actions. There’s documentation on that here.

It depends on the level of integration that’s needed but I’d argue if you can script it with python, it is easy to integrate into Rasa.