RASA Session Management

I have a dialogue like this

Bot - How can I help you? Appointment Management , Knowing Drug Details , Registration

User - Appointment Management

If user said appoint management then pass the id related for the appointment management to the another process (appointment management id is - 0)

If user said Knowing Drug Details then pass the id related for the Knowing Drug Details to the another process (Knowing Drug Details id is - 1)

If user said Registration then pass the id related for the Registration to the another process (Registration id is - 2)

Hi @Dilshan, do you have any questions around this?

yes I want to pass the related process id to another process . How can I catch the user dialogue and also pass the related id to another process

Hi @Dilshan! Maybe you can fill a slot with this id, and then read it in another action.

hi @flore Can you give me some example or some reference site?


Highly depends on what you want. I don’t know what do you mean with process… maybe an action for every option? or only the slot to consider forward in conversation