Rasa NLU Pull Request - Expected — Waiting for status to be reported

I have made pull request #3128 on Friday. This is my second pull request, my first was smaller and was merged in after a very smooth process.

So what I want to ask as a question about is that the entire three days Travis CI has been reporting

Expected — Waiting for status to be reported

. And now this morning, license/cla has been reporting the same thing but that should surely be a quick check. There are a couple of items that grab our attention: this needs to be merged and there are a few remaining code climate issue. How do I force these expecteds to take place?

Ah, I see there was a compile error. Would this be it? The license part is back working now. I just have to wait and see if the other portion responds in some fashion.

Hi @grjasewe,

It looks like the Travis tests aren’t running yet because of merge conflicts – presumably because the files you edited have been moved. You’ll have to solve the merge conflicts before everything can clear the tests.

Also, feel free to comment directly on the PR for issues like this to make sure your question/comment gets seen :slight_smile:

@erohmensing Did not know I had to do the merging. I have committed a merge just now though which should allow for automatic merging, according to what i see on the PR. Hopefully Travis does better this time.

@erohmensing Ok, everything is fine now and I have the green checkmark. Review should be able to continue.