Rasa NLU - I have my Merchant Name in my Lookup table and still Rasa doesn't pick up that in MerchantName slot



I have one issue - I have “7-Elevan” merchant name in Lookup table list but I haven’t used as part of any of utterances. I train the model and when I am giving one Utterance with “7-Elevan” as my merchant name, Rasa doesn’t pick up that in “MerchantName” slot. How do I train the model where are all entries from lookup table are considered?

entries in the lookup table still have to be present in the training data, please see the last note in the docs: Training Data Format

@Ghostvv - Yes, there are around 1000 entries in my look up table and I have 5 of 100 entries that are mentioned in training data too. So my difficulty is - “7-Elevan” is picked up if mentioned in utterance & lookup table, where as it’s not picked if mentioned only in lookup table.

sorry, I don’t understand what do you mean