Rasa Masterclass: Episode List & Resources

I’m so pleased to find your platform. I’m a big fan of Spacy, too. They’re so intelligent. I’ve been looking for a framework that doesn’t rely on a giant “if-then-else” statement. Your idea of using a net with attention to find intents is genius. After watching your first five Master Class videos, I’m hoping there’s a way to use variables in entities. I’m hoping that’s coming in future lessons. Also, I hope there will be a video on your API. You’ve done such a great job with design and presentation so far. I can’t wait to learn more. If you want me, I’ll be looking around the docs. :wink: Best wishes, and thank you. This looks like the next big interface paradigm for modern computing. I feel I’m late to the party, but at least I’m here now. Cheers, M


Thanks rasa team. I hope to you will make more topic, to more easy learning and grow Rasa Core so that developers like Rasa and use everywhere. Best Regard!

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Hey guys,

Thank you so much for your feedback!

To answer your question, yes we will cover deployment but a bit later in the series. The first set of episodes are focused on topics to help viewers understand how in theory specific models work etc. After a couple more episodes, Juste will start to show how to apply this knowledge in practice and this is where deployment will come in. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the party and our community, so glad to have you here and we’re humbled by your kind words and feedback!

On your first question, could you expand a little more on what you mean by using variables in entities - do you have an example to share along the lines of what you’re thinking?

About the API, currently we’re focusing on showing how to build assistants without the API, however, if we see a lot of interest in this we will consider covering it in a future episode - so it would be awesome to know if others are interested in this too!

There are more episodes coming your way, stay tuned!

Is there a plans for episodes on the architecture : like the ones you have on earlier versions, but abit more detailed, so we can make a connection with the API for extentding RASA, such as Actions,Custom NLU components, the pipeline, feature generation&merge, vectors creation and NN modules …etc

Thanks Rasa team, from the beginning I was doing wrong config, after watching Rasa Masterclass now I am able to understand how to configure and build a conversation. Can you please create an episode on how to create a custom components, pipeline and detailed note on Policies please. Thanks

Nice Videos! It would be great if you could make a video on different integrations sucha as facebook and wordpress. This has been difficult for me, would be great if there is a video on it.

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Agreed to that. Facebook Messenger integration is not well documented and it’s easy to get off track.

Rather than saying “San Francisco” explicitly in a reply, can one gave a cities variable instead?

The Masterclass series is really great. Would you be able to do an episode on the Handing off to a Human.


The masterclass is awesome. Could you make tutorials on JWT authentication.

Thanks a lot! The Masterclass is very helpful!

The Masterclass Video #6 - Domain, custom actions and slots is fantastic. If you provide one video to link slots with database would be appreciable.


@Emma / @Juste , first of all, thanks a lot for such a wonderful video series on Rasa, it’s been very helpful so far. As I was moving along I wanted to just get a sense of what all is going to be covered in the series and how many months I should follow the videos tutorials to complete the Masterclass. Can you lay down a curriculum for the entire Masterclass?

Hey everyone,

Thank you for for all these great topic suggestions! We will evaluate the highly requested ones to see if it’s possible to cover in a future episode.

Hey, @kvsista right now we do not have a full curriculum available, is there something in particular you would like us to cover?

Some additional updates:

Episode 7 is out now! I have created a separate discussion thread focused on dialogue policies, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the latest episode.

We also started a poll to find out what was your favourite episode so far cast your vote here! :bar_chart:

Lastly, I will also be moving this thread to the new Rasa Masterclass category on our forum to keep things tidy. :slight_smile:

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Masterclass is wonderful. Will be great to have a series on Evaluating Models (including e2e)

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Yes. I am interested to know how the external api’s and databases in the rasa core. if you could include in the class as future topic that would be great,

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Currently I’m working on building a slack app for KPI reporting. It should be similar to an article that I read about SHIBA (the one that @Juste was involved in). I wanted to take a peek into its architecture, tech stack, code walkthrough and challenges faced during development if possible.

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HI I just started with Rasa and I have built a bot, with rasa_nlu = 0.15.1 I would like to know how to display intent confusion matrix and the histogram I would like to know how can I produce this two?. I also can a have some diagram when constructing my bot for more analysis and amelioration?

Hi Emma, Since I’ve watched all the released episodes, now I’m eager to see the next episode masterclass #9 which is supposed to be open on this week Thursday!

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Has anyone tried with latest rasa version 1.6.0. How stable is it. Face problem in training.