Rasa jwt in more pages

I’m trying to use rasa integrated in my website with jwt token. to do this I have modified the socketio.py file handleMessage with this

  message = UserMessage(
                data["message"], output_channel, sender_id, input_channel=self.name(), metadata = self.token)
            await on_new_message(message)

saving obviusly the var self.roken before. Then I catch the token in my actions with tracker.latest_message[‘metadata’]. I’m facing that if I have more browser pages opened rasa seems to override the token of all pages, in particular the last login overrides the others, how it is possible? How can i solve the problem?

I solved using a dictionary with key value as sid metadata intead of self.token

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Hi @ayoubelma can you tell me where exactly is the socketio.py file stored. I need to make some modifications in it too instead of going for a custom socket channel. Thanks.