Rasa - How to communicate Rasa Action Server and "hangups" Python API (Google Hangouts)

Hi all,

I’m Dat. I’m currently working with Rasa and I’m trying to do something new, that I want to connect Rasa with another online messaging platform for messaging automatically. Specifically, I want to communicate Rasa and Google Hangouts for this stuff. I found a ‘hangups’ Python package that supporting us to Hangouts messaging through the Terminal (figure below). And now, I expect Rasa Action could dispatcher utterances message to the ‘hangups’, and then ‘hangups’ will send these utterances to others using Google Hangouts. So did anybody here used to hands on this, please give me some help! Any help are much appreciated! Have a nice day, guys!



Link to ‘hangups’ package: GitHub - tdryer/hangups: the first third-party instant messaging client for Google Hangouts


Just so I understand what you’re trying to build. You want a custom action that can be triggered locally to send a message on a google hangout? Or do you want to have Rasa available inside of a Google hangout?

The former sounds possible, but the latter will require much more than a custom action. I have no experience with this tool and I’m not familiar with hangouts … but I’m doubting that the platform allows for a solid integration. The platform is more meant for users to talk to each-other. A Rasa assistant is built for 1-1 conversations with a single user.

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Firstly thank you for replying me. Actually for this task, I just need to publish a message to others by executing actions code. What I expect is passing a sending message function (hangups) to custom actions code, then sending it. I suppose it could be possible, yep so you can take a look at that repository if you have time, please sir! I still hope you can help me out, I’m in a bit of stuck.

Thank you.

If you’re stuck on something that is happening on Rasa’s side then I might be able to help you. But I cannot help you with the hangout platform because I am unfamiliar with that.

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Many thanks with respect, sir!