Rasa handle process that will stretch outside of the conversation


I’m planing to make a intent that can be used for collect email adresses, and then send all of the emails a link to request access their calender. However the link in the email will probally be clicked after the conversation with the bot is over. I feel like i need a subprocess to controll when a link is clicked, is this correct? or could I achive this with an action somehow?


Do you want the bot to do something when those links are clicked?

Test once a Link is clicked i want to examin the persons calender

If this test (for link click and examining) is separate then you can simply use a custom action to send those emails.

If you want the bot to respond on the link click, then you can use a custom action to send the emails and use External Events to trigger another custom action for the response of the bot.

Hope that helps.

Test thank you! I thibk this is exactly what om looking for.