RASA Form and taking multiple input from user

Hi ,i am new to RASA framework and i am working on a symptom checker. But i am a bit confused on how to take multiple input from user then analyze it and then show the result accordingly. I have used csv to compare the symptoms. Can someone please help me out.


You can use forms to save relevant info in slots. After the user fills the form and the slots have been saved, you need to use a custom action inside which you get the slot values and write code based on their values.

um hi can you please give a example related to this topic like i tried but i am confused and overwhelmed using this framework as i have been trying to do this for a while now.

Maybe this topic can help.

Also check out Rasa for Beginners (Ep 5) and the Rasa Masterclass (Ep 8).

For more advanced lessons, there is the Rasa Advanced Custom Actions, Forms, & Responses Workshop.

They’re all great :slight_smile:

Thanks but i am still confused

Sorry but I don’t think I can find a better explanation than in the videos…

Maybe check out Sara if you want a code example.