Rasa Events

(Juste) #1

Meet Rasa at the following events!

(Juste) #2


Hello Rasa Community! :heart_eyes:

I am extremely excited to invite you all to Rasa Summit, an exclusive event for Rasa Community, which is taking place at the RasaHQ office in Berlin on 22nd of October! The event will also be live streamed, but we have some surprises for those who attend the event at the RasaHQ office in Berlin :stuck_out_tongue: Make sure to RSVP, we are looking forward to seeing you in October!


(Alexander Weidauer) #4

@community - Anyone from the US community up for grabbing coffee/beer? I’ll be in the following cities in the next 2 weeks:

  • New York
  • Detroit
  • Nashville
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco + Bay Area

Please ping me!

(Oceania) #5

Welcome to Chicago.

(Christopher Celotto) #6

Hey Alex!

Couldn’t send a personal message to you so posting here:

I will be in San Fransisco on September 19th and 20th at the AI Summit, and I saw you are speaking at the Chatbot Conference down the street on the 19th. I was disappointed when I discovered the Chatbot Conference was the same day as my other conference and that I wouldn’t be able to attend. I was especially looking forward to hearing you speak about Rasa.

I’d love to meet you and grab a coffee or beer while you’re in the area. Let me know if you have any free time!

Feel free to direct message me.


(Soumya Muherjee) #7

I am ready to host it in India :slight_smile:

(Juste) #8

@mukherjeesoumya That’s super awesome! Can you tell us more about it? :slight_smile:

(Soumya Muherjee) #9

I want to grow community awareness in India about Rasa. We are super excited individuals and we want to grow the community to increase adaptability. We can host meetups to start with and then can do first RASA conference. We are building cool bots with Rasa. We have recently started with www.legobots.io

I will speak to you on this more this later. I am excited for todays live event and also waiting desperately or my stickers :slight_smile:

How can we promote more on Rasa on our website and can have presence on your website.

(Vinay Verma) #10

Waiting for event in India

(Zoltan Fedor) #11

We are in NYC and would love to meet up. If there will be no shared event in NYC, then we would be happy to have you over in our office - we are on Times Square, so it is easy to find :slight_smile:

(Alexander Weidauer) #12

Great Zoltan! Could you please send a quick email so we can find a time? alex@rasa.com

(Alexander Weidauer) #13

Great Christopher! Could you please send a quick email so we can find a time? alex@rasa.com

(Juste) #14

Rasa User Group NYC meetup on 18th of October!

@community Are you based in NYC? Join us on the very first Rasa User Group NYC meetup on the 18th of October.

During this meetup, you will hear more about Rasa and some projects Rasa Community members are working on, and most importantly - you will be able to meet your fellow Rasa Community members in person! I, Juste from Rasa, will also be there and I am looking forward to meeting you!

Make sure to RSVP :slight_smile: