Rasa deployement : Cannot find ruamel.yaml on docker compose

i mean :sob: :sob:

so instead of

python -m pip install --upgrade pip

pip install -r requirements-actions.txt


python3 -m pip3 install --upgrade pip

pip3 install -r requirements-actions.txt

Okay now just use python3 and pip3 in your Dockerfile instead of python and pip:

FROM rasa/rasa-sdk:latest

COPY actions/requirements-actions.txt ./

USER root

RUN pip3 install --upgrade pip
RUN pip3 install -r requirements-actions.txt

COPY /actions /app/actions

RUN rasa run actions

USER 1001

still the same error :sob:


  • and it looks like it uses 3.8 when look the selected line in the logs


@M_R_LY Hello! where is you requirement file in action folder?

FROM rasa/rasa-sdk:latest
COPY requirements.txt requirement.txt
USER root
RUN pip install - r requirement.txt
USER 1001

change the name to simple requirement.txt

try and tell me.

yes the requirements-actions.txt is in the actions folder

ok let me try it

i should change this line too ?

@M_R_LY try please, what code I given. @M_R_LY Should I share for rasa version also? @M_R_LY please mention me in every post, else I not get a notification. @M_R_LY Even you can check this detail thread of my with the solution.

I hope this will help you to solve your query.

@nik202 is it always necessary to use dockerhub, i dont want to use it right now

@nik202 in my actions folder in the /etc/rasa i have renamed the requirements-actions.txt into requirements.txt

so is that good ? @nik202

and this is the file where i call it @nik202 image

@M_R_LY No, using docker hub; I said because you can monitor the image and container using docker desktop, so ignore it.

@M_R_LY You need to run and check. For me which I mentioned in the thread is working, give it a try and we will see :slight_smile:

@M_R_LY Hope you mentioned all the packages and dependencies required for this code in requirement.txt ?

@nik202 yes i have mentionned it here it is


i have tried both of them but still am getting the same error @nik202

@M_R_LY Strange…Have you seen my thread which I shared to you?

@nik202 yes but unfortunatly it doesnt work for me

this are my step @nik202

  1. download the script and run it like they said here curl -sSL -o install.sh https://storage.googleapis.com/rasa-x-releases/0.42.0/install.sh

  2. configure the dockerfile and the docker-compose.override file with

  3. copy the actions folder in the /etc/rasa with the requirements file inside it

  4. and try to run it with docker-compose up -d

thats it @nik202

@M_R_LY its running now?

@M_R_LY your topic thread is related to Rasa open source not rasa x and you trying rasa-x?

@M_R_LY my suggestion and solution is based on rasa open source only and its working.

If it’s working good, good luck!

When i check the logs it says that the package is not disponible

in the requirements.txt image

and this is the file where i call it @nik202 image

and the logs :sob:


@M_R_LY try this update in action.py

import ruamel_yaml as yaml 


import ruamel_yaml as yaml 


add CMD in docker file to install

pip3 install ruamel.yml

both package are not working @nik202 am still trying to figure it out is there a package that can remplace ruamel in order to load @nik202

Hello @nik202 Its working now I was using the action that was provided par by rasa itself and not building mine @nik202 the problem is that now the action server is not registering the functions. Whenever i want something the require the action server in the rasa x, when i check the logs they said the function are not found @nik202

@M_R_LY What is provided by rasa, please share that with us. @M_R_LY What is your current issue, I not get you, please share error.

hello @nik202 sorry youre right, here is more additionnal information

When i do the docker-compose up -d command, the first two lines appears (those in black). when i go to the rasa x interface and i start to speak to the but, whenever i ask something that need custom actins, the bot doesnt respond and when i check the log its said that there is no registered action … @nik202

@M_R_LY share your action file and domain.

@nik202 here is where i defined in the actions file

as you see, the function is here and the others too. I also defined it in the domain file (its link to my github account ) image @nik202