RASA Custom Actions

Hi, I am building a new Chatbot for getting full forms of abbreviations from a dataset. Right now I am only using an example dataset containing 50 abbreviations and their full forms. My stories only have 3 parts with greeting, abbreviation search and goodbye.

However the nature of this chatbot means that people might ask more than one full form at a time. The first full form is coming correctly. However if i give an input where I ask for another full form, I get no reply.

Is this because the chatbot is not robust enough? Or will I have to adjust my stories? I am a novice to this and I was hoping someone could help.

Hello @Shamim9007,

Can you provide more information such as your stories.md ?

stories.md (353 Bytes)

Like I had mentioned, the stories are very small.


Can you try adding a story like this and see how it goes:

## only_abbreviation_search
* search_abbreviation{"abbreviation":"TXS"}
  - action_abbreviation_search
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