Rasa core silent start

I have installed rasa core in windows server. And i am starting the rasa core server through commands. I want to avoid accidental closing of command line interface, so looking for the ways to start the server silently. Please suggest me the ways to implement it.


Please refer to the docs: https://rasa.com/docs/core/server/#running-the-http-server

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Hi @akelad, I have gone through the docs and started the server through windows command line. I don’t want to keep the server running and open in command line to avoid accidental closing. Looking for suggestion on server silent start

the ideal way to start a server in production is through a shell script, creating a daemon and starting a service.

You can do the same in windows too. Create a shell script and add it to your service. you can then either manually start or stop the service or add it to the startup services in windows server.

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Thanks @souvikg10, I followed this link shell script and successfully started the server silently :slight_smile:

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Can you please help me with shell script as I have been trying to do it with no success.

Thank you Punit