Rasa Core Charset

I trained rasa core model in windows platform. The system charset is GBK, the charset of my stories.md and domain.yml are UTF-8. But when I ran the training command, I meet the following error:

Command: python -m rasa_core.train -d study06/domain.yml -s study06/stories.md -o study06/models/dialogue


2018-11-20 09:38:24 ERROR rasa_core.training.dsl - Invalid story file format. Failed to parse ‘E:\E\DiskF\01-workspace\01-pycharm\Z002-rasa_learning\study06\stories.md’

Traceback (most recent call last): File “D:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\envs\rasa\lib\site-packages\rasa_core\training\dsl.py”, line 152, in read_from_file lines = f.readlines() UnicodeDecodeError: ‘gbk’ codec can’t decode byte 0xba in position 725: illegal multibyte sequence

It seems the Rasa core use the system charset to parse the story file. Can I set the charset for Rasa Core?

Many thanks!