Rasa Contributor Spotlight

Hey @community,

Recently, we kicked off the weekly Rasa Contributor Spotlight on our official Twitter page. :tada:

We started this as a way to acknowledge anyone that contributes to Rasa, from a single line of code, to Rasa community leaders who grow their Rasa community in the local area and bring people interested in conversational AI together.

This past week’s spotlight was especially dedicated to content creators and showing a helping hand on our forum. We recognise @intranetchris, @IgNoRaNt23 and @Gehova!

Check out the new Rasa X Video Tutorials for Beginners by @intranetchris! :tv:

Find more information on how to become a contributor, and current open issues on our Github contributor dashboard.

Thank you for contributing to our community! :purple_heart:


Thanks, happy to help and learn from other user’s questions/solutions. :v:



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@Emma awesome , it will boost up the entire community.

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i look forward to having my name there.

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Me too, I hope someday my name also shows up in there :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your great work @intranetchris, @IgNoRaNt23 and @Gehova! :rocket:


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