Rasa Connection Issue

[Rahul Agrawal] - 13:06 We developed a chatbot and deployed in a website as a widget but now our requirements is changed. we have a messenger app which is providing us the “UI and APIs” as other messenger provides. Messenger server is at IP address and we have hosted a web server for our chatbot at

now the flow of information is such - in our messenger when a user says “Tell me salary of emp_id” this msg will come from Messenger server( to our local web sever ( now my task is to send this message from local web server to our Rasa

Precisely i just want to know what changes i need to do in credentials.yml so that i could connect the local web server( to RASA . I am using RASA NLU and RASA core both. kindly anyone help in this .

Hi @rahul.agl021!

Could you give more details about how exactly the messenger app is sending messages? It actually depends on the channel that your app is using for connection. These are the connectors that rasa provides, but you can also write your own custom connector if you want.