Rasa Chatbot Master Thesis Concept

Hi guys,

I am currently writing my master thesis on a chatbot that I built using the Rasa Framework. Sadly I cannot share it here, as I am building it with together with a company for internal use.

To be frank the way I built the bot was not really in any scientific way and I am now struggeling a bit in coming up with the background concept information needed for the thesis. For some info, I already wrote a current state analysis for the tool that the bot is supporting and am now working on the concept chapter, which leads into the actual implementation chapter.

Do you guys have any ressources or experiences you can share with me on the phase concept phase, before implementation of the chatbot. What I am doing right now is coming up with conceptualized versions of the features that I actually implemented, but I am not really confident about it and I was not able to find any sort of framework I could follow with this. It seems kind of silly to explain all the features on a conceptual level and then explain the features again, but just their implementation in the next chapter.

Sorry if this is not the sort of topic to discuss here.

Have a nice day!

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