Rasa - Channels

Hello everyone,

i am new to RASA, writing my bachelor thesis.

Is there a way to use different channels only as a variation of different response types? Rasa-X is running on a server and i want to achive, that i can switch between channels by changing the URL with /channelname.

I hope that my question is understandable.

Many Thanks

Hello @marc1 ,

I hope my following solution help you achive to switch between channels.

Hello @athenasaurav,

thanks for your fast answer. I added your your code and adapted the credentials file.

Now I’am trying to connect to the channel by the “share your bot link” from Rasa-X, but it’s not working. Is it possible to do so or am I missing something?


Unfortunately, this doesn`t make any changes

@marc1 Ok

Hello @marc1, i think “share your bot link” of rasa x to share with guest tester cant be of use with above code.

The code implemented makes use of rest channels and by that code, you can create multiple rest channels rather than just one predefined one.

So if you implement the code correctly mentioned in the link above you will have two different channels created.

  1. http://localhost or ip:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook

  2. http://localhost or ip :5005/webhooks/myio/webhook

Remember here myio should be your channel name which you prefer to use and have implemented in code. Similarly you can create more channels as well.