Rasa buttons not appearing in MatterMost


Could someone please suggest what changes are required in the mattermost connector of Rasa. The “buttons” directive/keyword isn’t working on mattermost and I keep getting the buttons as rows.

Do I need to modify the connector or configure it somewhere on the MatterMost to get the buttons in the chat applet?

Thanks RM

Hi @rmiiitb! I have not used the Mattermost connector, but according to their docs it looks like buttons need to be added as actions in the integration message attachments.

Thanks Ty

I looked up the documentation, it seems that they expect a .json format whilst the new rasa has .yml format config. I’m confused on how to push things forward in this regard.

I doubt if this is something never been done before, I just need some pointers to start off on this. I am not able to use Slack since there is an open issue of multiple responses from Slack.

I am hopeful that someone could help me here.


I keep getting the buttons as rows

Can you clarify what you mean here?

It looks like this at the moment:


I opened an issue and created a pull request.

Awesome! Looking forward to the contribution.