Rasa 1.0 minor issue with --cors *


I’m simply reporting a small issue when adding " --cors * " to the command line :

PYTHONPATH=…/…/…/ python …/…/…/rasa/main.py run -m models --enable-api --log-file out.log --endpoints endpoints.yml --credentials credentials.yml --cors *

I’ve got the following error :

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "../../../rasa/__main__.py", line 81, in <module>
  File "../../../rasa/__main__.py", line 70, in main
  File "/home/mpiuser/PycharmProjects/rasa-1.0/src/rasa/rasa/cli/run.py", line 70, in run
  File "/home/mpiuser/PycharmProjects/rasa-1.0/src/rasa/rasa/run.py", line 40, in run
    model_path = get_model(model)
  File "/home/mpiuser/PycharmProjects/rasa-1.0/src/rasa/rasa/model.py", line 59, in get_model
    return unpack_model(model_path)
  File "/home/mpiuser/PycharmProjects/rasa-1.0/src/rasa/rasa/model.py", line 144, in unpack_model
    tar = tarfile.open(model_file)
  File "/home/mpiuser/PycharmProjects/rasa-1.0/lib/python3.6/tarfile.py", line 1576, in open
    raise ReadError("file could not be opened successfully")

**tarfile.ReadError: file could not be opened successfully**

without it, the server is launching properly.

Hey, it should be --cors "*" (with the quotes). if you miss to put the quotes there, the argument parser will do odd stuff

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