Question about improving the bot understanding

Hello, I’ve been reading the documentation and the tutorials for Rasa and I am working on building a first bot by following the tutorials. If everything works, I would want to improve my bot understanding so it could handle questions about the customer’s domain, use cases and perform workflows, but I know nothing about machine learning.

I saw that, to improve the knowledge of your bot you can use the interactive learning or provide more training data, train the model better and such, but you also can do some other actions related to machine learning such as adjusting the epochs and such.

My question is: what and how much would I need to learn about Machine Learning to be able to refine my bot at least somewhat effectively? What would be a good place to start from?

Thank you

Minimally, the correctnes usually comes from same size, rather than variable fiddling, usually, it should be enough just to play with them and using the settings, which works best. Cheers!

@Kyras Ah ok, thanks for the help.