Problem with response selector / retrieval intent

Trying to configure my bot with a simple set of general responses.

  • In my config.yml I have the “response selector” option in my pipeline with “retrieval intent”: chitchat

  • nlu and domain files have the corresponding intents/responses

When I used RASA X in the monitor windows I get the following message:

And when I used RASA SHELL it’s a similar message:

Seems to be something related to ACTION SERVER.

Thanks in advance

Hello @wvalverde67, thanks for your question!

Would you mind sharing your config.yml, domain.yml files as well as the file containing the responses (likely to be the nlu.yml file). That way I can better assist you.

:bulb: worth noting that we have a step by step guide on how to setup response selectors and you can also fin examples in our repository here. These links might help you debug your setup.

I really appreciate your help.

config.yml config.yml (949 Bytes)

domain.yml domain.yml (3.0 KB)

nlu.yml nlu.yml (8.7 KB)


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hello @m-vdb

Do you have news?

Thanks in advance!!!

Thanks for sharing @wvalverde67 and sorry for the later reply. Your training data and config seem correct. There is maybe one thing that is incorrect but I’m not sure it’s leading up to this error: your config.yml file contains a ResponseSelector component with retrieval_intent: faq but you do have have the faq intent configured elsewhere.

Going back to the screenshot you shared, the first one looks like a compatibility issue between Rasa and Rasa X. Would you mind sharing the versions you’re using?

Hello @m-vdb

I’m trying to get help posting differents times and subjects but unfortunately … I have no response. Here is a link:

I think the RASA stack is awesome, but some details about documentation … even support of the community need more attention.


@wvalverde67 it sounds like @Juste was able to solve your issue here by founding out about a typo (Thanks Juste!). It looks that I need to change my glasses :eyes: :eyeglasses:

Can we consider this issue resolved?

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Hello @m-vdb

Yes, she helped me!!! I think besides the misspelling was a problem in my pipeline.

Thank you both!!!

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