Good afternoon, my next question is, can I somehow structure the stories from the PostgreSQL database? Now it looks like this:

`1 | Me | {“sender_id”: “Me”, “event”: “action”, “timestamp”: 1603722288.3782453, “name”: “action_session_start”, “policy”: null, “confidence”: null}

2 | Me | {“sender_id”: “Me”, “event”: “session_started”, “timestamp”: 1603722881.9196278}

3 | Me | {“sender_id”: “Me”, “event”: “action”, “timestamp”: 1603722188.296703, “name”: “action_listen”, “policy”: null, “confidence”: null}

4 | Me | {“sender_id”: “Me”, “event”: “user”, “timestamp”: 1608372218.7134708, “text”: “\u0423\u0440\u0430”, “parse_data”: {“intent”: {“name”: “affirm”, “confidence”: 0.2966609260596959}, “entities”: [], “intent_ranking”: [{“name”: “affirm”, “confidence”: 0.2692966969600559}, {“name”: “day”, “confidence”: 0.21746301349361235}, {“name”: “mood_great”, “confidence”: 0.1875889076820325}, {“name”: “how_r_u”, “confidence”: 0.08020314805978966}, {“name”: “deny”, “confidence”: 0.05091034648059021}, {“name”: “covid”, “confidence”: 0.0492318554907203}, {“name”: “mood_unhappy”, “confidence”: 0.0415573666249479}, {“name”: “greet”, “confidence”: 0.03712269115554945}, {“name”: “wucando”, “confidence”: 0.023551314639336205}, {“name”: “goodbye”, “confidence”: 0.01541464655095195}], “response_selector”: {“default”: {“response”: {“name”: null, “confidence”: 0.0}, “ranking”: [], “full_retrieval_intent”: null}}, “text”: “\u0423\u0440\u0430”}, “input_channel”: “rest”, “message_id”: “ad65649adbfe4b4a5f618b538f447e0f”, “metadata”: {}}`

I would like to get the best practices of using PostgreSQL & rasa! TY!

Hi @do8rolyuboff, sorry for the late reply - what exactly are you trying to achieve? Not sure I understand.