Pasting text break domain.yml

If I paste text for example from Sublime text (yml file or text file) to domain.yml file (and format it correctly), the file immediately breaks. Not only the pasted parts but the rest of the items in the domain are no longer recognised either.

I’ve checked that both files are UTF-8 and use the linux line endings as well as 2-space tabs. What am I doing wrong?

Welcome to the community!

I’ve had that issue pop up and I can’t remember what exactly it was. I think this happens when there is a syntax error in domain.yml, and/or possibly (can’t remember).

Take a look and mke sure your intents match all throughout domain, nlu and stories.

If you want me to take a look at your files, the easiest thing to do to share your code (if you’re able to) is to create a github gist for domain.yml, and nlu,md and I can take a look to see if anything jumps out.