One bot - two clients

Hi, I would like to ask a question: I have a bot and would like to share it between two clients. I know I can integrate whatsapp by twilio each one, but the question is if I can log both accounts into the same bot with different conversations depending on the client. sorry for google translator english

Hi Rodrigo.

If two (or more) people talk to the bot, their conversations will be completely independent from each other (as long as they have a different ID, which should be the case if you use WhatsApp).

Does that answer your question?

two people in the same bot talking to the same company yes. Now imagine that I rent bots for two companies, a veterinarian and a nutritionist. How can I make the same bot have different answers for two different things or do I have to have a bot for each company that rents the bot?

If the bot is not going to understand and reply to the same things, then it’s two different bots