Not answering to everything

Hey friends. I am new to the framework but I wonder about one thing. I would like to use the framework in combination with Telegram behind my own account, answering messages for specific contexts but not answering to everything.

Is there a setting I can activate or a boolean I can switch such that the framework does not answer to everything, but answering to all messages where it is x% sure about that a message “deserves” a special answer.

One example would be a bot only answering to greetings, goodbyes and questions about current feeling. So one dialogue would be:

  1. Hello my friend, I hope you are alright -> Hello
  2. How are you today? -> Great, thank you
  3. Can you help my solving that highly complex programming question? #Bot doesn’t answer anything because it is not part of any predefined routine
  4. Thank you! Good bye, have a great day -> see you!

So it answers to 1, 2 and 4 because it was obvious what to answer with, but 3 would not fit into anything. The current behaviour is that the bot tries to fit this into the other three and probably answers with one of them.

Thanks in advance for any answer!

I think you are looking for the fallback policy. Take a read over here and see if it solves it for you.


Hi @DORpapst ,

The bot response is always associated with a confidence level or probability ( NLU confidence and core confidence). your case of misclassification might be linked at a certain confidence level, like bot is giving a wrong response at 0.45 (45% sure). You need to use this 0.45 as treshold value in fall back to ensure that bot will fall back if the confidence level is below 0.45 or whatever treshold you have set.

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Hey Oli and sandilya45, Thank you for your answers! Yes, the fallback policy was exactly what I was locking for. Thank you. I didn’t knew that it was named like that.

Have a wonderful week!