Not able to validate my slot email. Please help

Hello guys, i was having the same problem as mentioned here, as i had gone through the steps said but it comes up with a new error. any help will be much appreciated

hi @rohanchoudharyy can u share the code for validating email that you have created. I badly need it for my project. Would be a great help.

hello @rohanchoudharyy could you please share code for validating email and mobile number. Because i have followed the same steps but when i enter wrong email it is not responding.

hello @k1m please help me for above issues which i have added.

I;m beginner too… as per my understanding the slot name and the def name should match… In ur case can you try changing your ‘’'def validate_email() as below and try, same goes with the mobile number def as well.

def validate_emailid()

def validate_mobilenumber()


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Yeah thanks a lot @Saraa_m now it’s working perfect :slight_smile:

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@rohanchoudharyy by doing the regex validation, is unhappy path of form deviation working for you? I mean, during the slot validation if user hits with different intent when you asked for email like “I don’t want to share”/“no” etc deny intent, will your user story works?