No references for Dispatcher in the Documentation

Hi @Juste @erohmensing I can’t find the reference for Dispatcher in the new documentation of Rasa, neither I can find the file in the Rasa library, can you please tell where can I find the reference other than the legacy docs.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @JiteshGaikwad, the “dispatcher” file in the Rasa library was actually not really being used by the dispatcher you’re accustomed to in custom actions, as it was leftover from before custom actions were separated from the Rasa Core framework. For this, you want to look in the file of rasa_sdk where the CollectingDispatcher class is defined. We will work to make sure that these methods are documented in the docs in the future!

thank @erohmensing

hi there. there seem to be QUITE a couple of irregularities regardin (new?) documentation… e.g. in Domains the code seems to be outdated, as well.

from rasa_sdk.actions import Action

should likely be changed to from rasa_sdk.interfaces import Action and so forth

For a beginner or newbie these flaws can easily destroy the “onboarding” to RASA :-/

@Rasaer we work hard to try to keep our docs as updated as possible, but always welcome fixes for anything you find as contributions as our GitHub repo :+1: would love your help fixing anything you’ve found so far.