No option for DM on Rasa' Twitter account

Hello Rasa team,

I just saw a post on Twitter regarding UX testing, it was also mentioned that interested folks should reach out to the Rasa team via Twitter DM. But when I went to Rasa’s twitter account there was no option for DM. I’ve attached a screenshot for the reference.

Thank you!

Hey @HackyRoot thanks for bringing this to our attention. While I seem to be able to msg from my twitter account I have reached out to our marketing team to see if they can see any issues.

As far as I’m aware as long as you follow Rasa you should be able to DM.

I’ll update you once we find out the root cause.

Hey @HackyRoot, thanks for letting us know! It looks like we needed to adjust a setting in our Twitter account. It should be fixed now though-we’ll keep an eye out for your DM!