Nicolas Beuchat join the Rasa Hero group!

Hey Rasa @community

Today we welcome Nicolas Beuchat (@nbeuchat) into the Rasa Hero group! :rasahero:

Nicolas made his first contribution to Rasa Open Source in February 2020, when he helped us fix a typo in the code for sending custom JSON through the Twilio channel - entering him into our contributor program!

Following that, we have witnessed Nicolas’s extraordinary journey, from fixing a character typo to helping us fix an important bug in our Forms feature.

As you can see below, he has an impressive track record of helping us to exterminate those bugs! :bug:

This month, he gave a talk at the 2021 Rasa Summit, sharing with the community ‘’Advanced usage of Facebook Messenger capabilities to complement the conversational experience’’

Nicolas is the Co-Founder of Alpaca, he and his team have built a Facebook Messenger-based virtual assistant to help people find a home. By taking advantage of Rasa’s open-source framework, Alpaca is able to fully utilize all the advanced features of the Messenger platform and to fully integrate them into the user’s conversational flows. For instance, users can see apartment previews directly in a carousel within the conversation, edit their preferences through web views, and many more! If you attended the event, you can find his talk on the Run the World event platform. Soon to be publicly available on the Rasa Youtube Channel.

Thank you Nicolas for being a consistent code contributor to our repos and improving the quality of Rasa Open Source for everyone!


Congrats @nbeuchat


Kudos @nbeuchat


Thanks a lot everyone!! Happy that my small contributions helped :slight_smile:


congratulations @nbeuchat


Congrats!! @nbeuchat :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

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