New User interface for Training chatbots !!

We are happy to announce a new application for training chatbots using Rasa Core and NLU. which is open source (Apache 2.0). You can use this application to build train and deploy chatbots using the amazing rasa platform. Please visit below link and let us know your feedback ! we want to keep improving it and make it useful for rest of the community !

All contributions are welcome ! :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to try this out. Thanks for contributing to the community

Thanks for your interest, it would be great if you give some suggestions / feedback / areas of improvements or any new features you would like us to add. :slightly_smiling_face:

rasa server is not up and running, rest all working in docker setup.

please help me on it.

Hi @Edukondalu, is your issue still unresolved?

Hi, great work! Thanks a lot! I followed the instructions, created a project with your VA, added some intents, entities, responses, conversations. Everything seemed to work fine, but whenever I try to train the model, I always get an error message : “Error code: 500 Message: Http failure response for http://localhost:8089/tryNow: 500 Internal Server Error”. I use Chrome/Firefox, Ubuntu 18.04 with Oracle VM VirtualBox. Any idea?

I’ve created a new very simple project with only one story. This time, I could train the model (Try now) without any error message. Then I copied the project (Copy). I tried to train it, but it failed with the error message of my previous post: “Error code: 500 Message: Http failure…” Since both projects are identical (except their name), why is it impossible to train the second one?