Nested entities in markdown format

I want to create a nested entity, an entity that is a combination of a look up entity and a number. In markdown format. My current training file looks something like the following:

# intent: select_galaxy

  • select [milky way](galaxy)

# intent:select_star

  • select [milky way 11](star)

## intent:set_threshold

  • set [bright](threshold_type) [10.4](number)

# lookup:galaxy
milky way

However, the model, while recognizes the "set_threshold" intent, it extracts "bright 10.4" as a star entity. In order to solve this, one needs to strict the star entity to the combination of a galaxy name and a number. For instance, what I need is something like this
  • select [ [milky way](galaxy) [11](number) ](star)

Any ideas how to achieve that?