Need your help!

Hi, I’d like to install Rasa on my little Linux home server (Raspberry) where I’ve implemented some scripts and also some JavaScript applications…

Is it possible to let Rasa “call me” on my smartphone (connected to the same network) when some of my scripts detect something like “The temperature is getting hot! Can I switch on the Air Condition?”, and if I say (Voice Assistant would be great!) or type “Ok” Rasa will trigger one of my script on the server?

Thanks for help!

You could, but I think most of the work would need to be done by your scripts.


  • Server - Detects something is wrong
  • Server - Sends a message to rasa
  • Rasa - Checks the intent and sends the corresponding response to the server
  • Server - Contacts the user and sends the response
  • User - Receives the message and sends an answer back
  • Server - Receives the message
  • Server - Sends it back to rasa for processing
  • Rasa - Checks the intention of the user (most likely yes/no intent) and in a format the server understands
  • Server - Server receives the answer and takes action depending on the response

Thanks for response!

I’ve installed Rasa on my Linux server and I’ve just modified some configuration file so that asking to Rasa via shell “who is the king?” it reply to me… “You, of course!”. That’s great! ahhah!!! :slight_smile:

Now I’d like to create a simple html page and add the Rasa WebChat so that I can connect to my Rasa using web browser from the same Linux machine or from another PC in the same LAN

Is it possible or I need ngrok in any case? Can someone help me or point me to an example on how to do it?