Need to search some info by dynamic search key

How can I search for some information by search the key slot? In my category, I need to search for data, and the search key that could be anything. for example: - Search hari - Search conference meeting can you please help me. what I want to do to make my slot to be highly dynamic.

Can you be more clear, please?

If the user says “Search conference”, should the bot give back the value that was stored in a slot called conference?

Or should it look for the word conference in a database?

Or should give you information about a table called conference in a database?

I meant, If I just get an employee name, I give multiple combinations of employee names in nlu. But In my scenario, whatever the user can say that I need to get from the slot. Is it possible?

You mean you want to store whatever the user says in the name slot?


Look at “from_text” mapping in forms.

ok, Chris thank you for your kind response. I will try it.

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