Need someone to help build a voice chatbot


I apologize if I’m not posting this in the correct place – I am not a tech guy and I am looking for help.

I currently use a voice chatbot for outbound lead generation in my business. I do not own the source code and I need one built that I own the intellectual property rights to.

Here is what mine currently does that I hope someone can help me build:

The chatbot/auto-avatar essentially uses soundboard technology in order to play audio files that depend on the customer’s reaction.

Example 1: a customer says “I’m not Interested.” Then the chatbot would play an audio file that would respond to the “Not Interested” listen.

Example 2: the chatbot is outbound calling a customer named “Michael”, so it will select the “Michael” audio file which says “Hey, is Michael available?”

I need it to perform the following tasks:

 -The chatbot must be able to make ANY amount of outbound calls (I currently make 300,000 daily).
 -The chatbot must be able to update the status of a lead in our CRM.
 -The chatbot must be able to update fields in our CRM.
 -The chatbot must include source code that we can have our development team work with.
 -The chatbot must be able to utilize fields such as "First Name" and select the appropriate sound file (It uses the "Bob" sound file when calling Bob).
 -When forced to repeat itself, the chatbot must "Rotate" a new audio file in. For example, if someone says "What was that?", it will not play the EXACT same audio file, but rather play a different audio file under the "What was that?" listen category.
 -There must be a step-by-step instruction guide for my development team to follow when making edits
 -I will require monthly ongoing support.

Budget isn’t a concern, however, I will be reviewing bids and making a decision on who to go with before the first of the year.

I can pay you through UpWork, Fiverr, or Paypal. If you’re in Southern California I can meet in person to discuss as well.

I respectfully hope someone out there can help me with this, as it is a crucial part of my business.

-Slang [email protected]

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Hi, I can assist you with your requirement.

Email sent, please check.