Need help to understand optional arguments while executing RASA core

I was looking through documentation and I found couple of way to provide path to the pre-trained RASA models while executing RASA core

python -m rasa_core.evaluate --core models/dialogue
–stories -o results

python -m --enable_api -d models/current/dialogue -u models/current/nlu -o out.log --endpoints endpoints.yml --cors “*”

How are the options -d and --core different ?

        '-d', '--core',
        help="core model to run")

Hey there @eavinashAI, --core and -d are actually the same – if you check out the command with python -m -h or python -m --help you’ll see that -d is just the shortened version of --core (because -c usually is shorthard for config, although i can see how that would be confusing!)