Muti language support using rasa

For multi-language support, we ended up with rasa-x deployment with one language on one instance using docker-compose, another instance for rasa only bots for a different language, and language-based request forwarding API.

We first detect the language and forward the request to the appropriate rasa instance either on rasa-x or onto rasa only bot.

The downside is that we now have two action instance as rasa-x action image is not exposed outside unless the port is opened ref

The other downside is we are only using rasa-x for a single language, to support the other language we will have to use language-specific rasa-x instances? :slightly_smiling_face:

I am sure we can switch language by choosing a different language branch of git, but then the logic for language detection should point to correct language instance, so need to figure this out, this also leads to the question of user conversation history, if only we could use some tagging for all the language so that we could easily filter the language based on repository selected :thinking:

I would be exploring all of the above in the coming weeks if anyone has a better idea how to approach this, please let me know :hugs:, also it would be great if there was a way to better manage bot replica in a different language, currently, we have no other way than using translation API and human review :sleepy: