Mongo Tracker client close

Hi , How to close Mongodb instance in rasa Mongo tracker , db= MongoTrackerStore( None,host=local_db_url, db=‘chatbot_LWdb’,collection=‘default_log_col’,event_broker=None), this is wat my lines , how to close after each insert…like my custom logging i am using client.close (), like that mongo tracker how i can close the db .??

hi @murugan ! what’s the motivation for closing the connection?

yes , because DB was not open connection always …every insert open and close is better …

if you want this behaviour it’s probably best to subclass the trackerstore rasa/ at 64f3927cf91f538c6e4cfd5f40debf6bb5c5d295 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

Thank you @amn41 i will look into this