ML Content

Hi, I’m Vincent. Together with my colleague Rachael we’re going making content for machine learning topics in NLP. Out of curiosity … what topics would people love to see? I’m currently making content for conditional random fields and word embeddings. I’d love to hear if there’s interest for other topics too!


Hey @koaning, thanks for the awesome series, loved to watch the contents. I would love to see about Tokenizers and Featurizers.

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Hi Vincent, since you are making content on CRF, could you please cover how the dense features from spacy are used along with other features for the NER :sweat_smile:?

They are concatenated before being passed along. There’s an example of me doing that in the 3rd DIET video actually but I am using not spaCy but huggingface embeddings. That might suffice for now.

I will make content that will discuss integration between spaCy and Rasa. If you’re interested in learning more about spaCy, I guess I have to recommend you to peek around here;

And yes, I’m the guy in those blue videos. For clarity; I’ve been making those videos before I started working at Rasa and I still make some from time to time.

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