[minikube] Deployment RASA X with minikube - Ec2

Hello team,

When I try to deploy with the helm the pv is pending and does not create:

Steps :

  • kubectl create ns rasax
  • kubectl config set-context --current --namespace=rasax
  • helm install rasa rasa-x/rasa-x


  • data-rasa-postgresql-0 Pending standard 11s
  • data-rasa-rabbit-0 Pending standard 11s
  • rasa-rasa-x-claim Pending standard 11s
  • redis-data-rasa-redis-master-0 Pending standard 11s


  • kubectl get pv
  • No resources found in rasax namespace.

If I create the pv manually, I don’t have write permission. Has anyone ever experienced this ? Could you help me please?