Many versions of tensorflow installed when running "pip install rasa" on Windows


I want to install rasa on windows. I followed these steps:

  1. Create and activate venv
  2. pip install rasa

Once the later command runs, it comes at a point where tensoflow installation begins, but it downloads all versions of tensoflow, I don’t understand why, any idea?


This is how Pip manages its dependencies.

It will cache all versions to avoid downloading them in the future - Some people may or may not like this feature.

You can tell Pip to avoid using with the cache with the --no-cache-dir option. You can configure Pip so that it always ignores the cache with pip config set global.cache-dir false.

To delete previously cached items, if you have Pip 20.1 or newer, you can do pip cache purge.

Thanks @ChrisRahme for these details, I had no idea that pip managed dependencies like this. Very nice :slight_smile:

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Hi I tried pip install --no-cache-dir rasa but still it downloads all versions of tensorflow. How to avoid?

Hey Shan!

Yes, it will still do that since it’s part of dependency management. But they will be deleted when the installation completes so they won’t take space on your disk.