Love and support for people in India

Dear all, I know this a very large community of Rasa developers and lot of the developers are currently based in India.

I am an indian but i live quite far away from India and feel quite helpless to see what is going on there, thus i would like to extend my love and support to all community members of Rasa based in India who are going through this. I hope everything is doing well and staying safe.


Thank you for sharing this @souvikg10 our thoughts are also with our community members, their family members and everyone suffering from this devastating Covid surge in India.

Here are some resources I have collected together on charities in India, in case anyone is able to support:

Making the Difference ( is helping provide medical supplies such as oxygen and bed for public hospitals and nursing homes in Mumbai as well as meals for those in quarantine and grocery and ration kits to daily wage earners.

Rapid Response (, India’s premier disaster-response and preparedness service, is seeking donations to provide dry food goods such as rice, dal, salt, and sugar to families across India.

Breathe India, a fundraiser led by Indian Institutes of Technology alumni in conjunction with the SaveLife Foundation (, is seeking donations to procure effective distribution of oxygen concentrators to hospitals in Delhi. Lack of supplemental oxygen is currently a massive problem amid the COVID surge in India,

HelpNow ( is an initiative led by young students in Mumbai to provide quick, 24/7 medical transportation. It is currently seeking donations to ensure adequate supplies and compensate its drivers:

Give India, a crowdfunding nonprofit platform created to support India throughout the pandemic, is currently running fundraising campaigns for oxygen supply, food shortages, and women’s reproductive health amid the pandemic:


Thanks for sharing this @souvikg10 . These are definitely testing times and I completely share how you are feeling right now. One resource that I’d like to share here is a fundraiser that my alumni group started to donate oxygen concentrators. We have commitment from a distributor in UK and also from High Commission of India to airlift and send it to New Delhi. The distribution thereafter will be handled by Central Government of India. We keep the page updated with latest activities as much as we can. Hoping the situation gets better soon. :crossed_fingers: