Level 3 Contextual Assistants: Beyond Answering Simple Questions

(Alex Weidauer) #1

Would love to hear your thoughts on our latest blog post that suggests 6 key capabilities of Contextual AI Assistants:

(Henry) #2

I very much liked the catch-phrase “All user goals are intents but not all intents are user goals (e.g. yes/no is not a user goal)”. Thats a great frame to explain intents to others!

I not yet at a production ready-bot and I try to figure out how to “gracefully handle any user goals” (bot specification 1). Passing over to a human is important, I imagine especially when a user is fed up with the bot performance?

Specification 2 and 3 go along each other, I guess: If a bot is to handle a database which is used for billing, the active confirmation of the user is to be saved… (And adding to your story: Probably the bot will send some sort of e-mail confirmation, to an e-mail which cannot be provided within the conversation…)

Concerning specifications 4 and 5, my understanding is that this - for now- depends on the NLU-Model. If the user provides a new version number, the NLU overrides the version number slot. At least I am not aware how to lock in some slots after they have been set once (except some sort of actions performing a quality check after each user inputs given the previously set slots).

Otherwise: I very much enjoyed your last two post and they helped me a lot thinking about use-cases!

Cheers, Henry

(Alex Weidauer) #3

Thanks for your response @enryh! A few comments:

  • “gracefully handle any user goals” for us actually means also identifying that a user’s goal is out of scope and then handing off to a human before the user is “fed up with the bot performance”
  • “disambiguation” can be to confirm a user input but also to check which goal they’d like to pursue - for example in an insurance use case, if a user sends a message like “I have a new address” this could mean that the user wants to change their postal address or edit their renters’ policy
  • What do you mean with new version number?

(Henry) #4

Thanks. Your first point was highlighted greatly by yesterdays RASA Summit Talk by Eduarodo from N26!

To your last bullet point: I meant a number (not a specific version number): I sometimes have troubles getting slots reset by a newly reported number. Using text slots the policy takes only into consideration if a slot has been set or not, as fas as I understand it correctly. If a slot is set once, it can be reset by the NLU at later stage, altough the entity has been provided already and has been set to a useful value. To handle this as “context” is still tricky to me.

Cheers, Henry