Last slot always having None value

am working on a chabot for requesting certificates. I adapted the restaurant example but with different perspective. the chatbot should ask for specific params (slots) in respect to the certificate type: **Example : ** if certif is A then ask for param A1, ask for paramA2…ask for param An everything is working fine except the last asked param (slot) of every certif is returned None as shown in the pic below: salary certificate:

here copies_num was the last asked

mission order

here is my code: (7.9 KB) domain.yml (5.3 KB) (5.9 KB) (823 Bytes)

am really sure that i missed something, plz i need your insights. am using rasa 1.3.7

Dont use screenshots here, theyre terrible to read. Rather try to format your text appropriatly.

Anyway, in the last run the tracker, from which the values are read is not updated yet. To fix this add **tracker.slots as an argument for dispatcher.utter_template in your submit-method.

Should look likes hits

dispatcher.utter_template('template_name', tracker, **tracker.slots)

It should then return the correct value

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thank you @IgNoRaNt23, its solved my problem. So sorry about the screenshots…