Jargon: a new service for managing Rasa response content

Hello Rasa Community, I’m very happy to share with you that Jargon now supports Rasa apps. You can use Jargon to manage your Rasa app’s responses separate from your domain file, which allows you to:

  • Update responses without having to re-train your models or redeploy your app
  • Enable your entire team to write the content of your responses in a web UI
  • Keep track of content changes via version control and history

You can watch a demo, create a free Jargon account, and give it a try at: https://jargon.com/rasa

This is an early preview with improvements and features scheduled for the upcoming weeks, including support for conditional response variants, intents, and actions. We’re focusing on functionality that is complementary to Rasa X.

We’d love to have your feedback! Email us at support@jargon.com

Happy building!

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