Issue with rasa stories

Hey guys , I am getting error while running rasa interactive and the error is like Cannot train initial Rasa model. Please provide NLU and Core data using the ‘–data’ argument. example:


  • movie_date_based_movie{“movie”: “kaidhi”, “date”: “01/14/2019”}
    • slot{“date”: “01/14/2019”}
    • slot{“movie”: “kaidhi”}
    • action_Moviedate i found like the issue is with date is there any drawback like we don’t have special characters on first line of stories ,if will remove this then it’s working fine like before , any help or suggestion on this will be greatful for me

What command are you using to start Rasa interactive? Also, how does your directory structure look like? What is the log output?

i am using "rasa interactive " command

If you do not have a trained model, rasa interactive will first train a model before starting the interactive mode. However, it seems like your training data is located in a different kind of folder as Rasa is looking by default into data. I was asking for your directory structure to see where you put your model and data. In general, start rasa interactive with a trained model located in models directory or provide some data. If your model or your data is located in different folders, please provide point Rasa to the correct folders using the additional arguments (see Command Line Interface).