Issue with RASA forms

Can anyone please help me with forms related issue ?

Following is what I have:

- intent: issue.type
    - ent_issue_type: STATUS
- action: Status_form
- active_loop: Status_form
- active_loop: null
- action: utter_ask_to_wait
- action: action_fetch_status
- action: utter_ask_for_more_help

Basically, in the form, I am trying to get the ticket details for which information has to be fetched. Then I fetch it , return to user and ask if more help is required. I see that after coming out of form, it totally ignores following two:

  • action: utter_ask_to_wait
  • action: action_fetch_status

and directly jumps to “action: utter_ask_for_more_help” . I am unable to figure out what am I doing wrong here .

Following is my policy file:


  • name: MemoizationPolicy augmentation_factor: 0
  • name: RulePolicy
  • name: TEDPolicy augmentation_factor: 0 epochs: 100 max_history: 5 batch_size:
    • 32
    • 64

Can anyone please guide me on this one ?

Thanks , Vinutha

  • rule: Activate form steps:

    • intent: request_names
    • action: name_form
    • active_loop: name_form
  • rule: Submit form condition:

    • active_loop: name_form steps:
    • action: name_form
    • active_loop: null
    • slot_was_set:
      • requested_slot: null
    • action: utter_submit
    • action: utter_slots_values

I have been studying the forms for a short time. I believe the custom action would be to handle the correct utter_ask? Why don’t you call an intent and then call the custom action and treat the message/entity or an utter with yes and no buttons for more questions?

There is no question that I need to ask user once I get ticket details . For example, this is typically I want in the sequence :

  1. User selects issue type .
  2. (Status_form) - User fills in the form ( say ticket details) .
  3. (utter_ask_to_wait) - Bot : " Thanks for providing inputs. We are looking for latest status for your ticket" .
  4. (action_fetch_status) - Bot : custom action will fetch and respond back with latest status.
  5. (utter_ask_for_more_help) - Bot : "Do you help with any other ticket ? "
  6. User responds now !!

So basically I want 2,3,4,5 to just be followed in order . That doesn’t seem to be happening so . Can anyone provide suggestions as to what is going wrong here please ?

Thanks !

Could anyone please guide me here ?