Issue with FormAction or Intent

Here is what I am trying to do:

  • Ask one of the questions in a form, which allows entity recognition,
  • Set a rule for FAQ intent, which can handle FAQ questions during user filling the forms.

The issue is:

If no matter I set the faq intent use_entities true or false:

- faq: 
    use_entities: true

It will fill the form slots with that entity.

for example:

  • if I ask in form: do you have any fever?
  • if the user ask: what is fever?
  • The form’s fever slot will be filled and move to the next question.

I’ve tried to create a customized FormAction class that extended from FormAction, by overwriting the function: “extract_required_slot,” and customize the “name” function to return the form name. however, only the original extract_required_slot in the original FormAction is called. My customized FormAction never be reached.

Any tips can solve the issue?