Issue rasa core . agent issue with. new version

(hajar) #1

import IPython from IPython.display import clear_output from rasa_core.agent import Agent from rasa_core.interpreter import NaturalLanguageInterpreter from rasa_core.utils import EndpointConfig import time

messages = [“Hi! you can chat in this window. Type ‘stop’ to end the conversation.”] interpreter = NaturalLanguageInterpreter.create(‘models/current/nlu’) endpoint = EndpointConfig(‘http://localhost:5055/webhook’) agent = Agent.load(‘models/dialogue’, interpreter=interpreter, action_endpoint = endpoint)

print(“Your bot is ready to talk! Type your messages here or send ‘stop’”) while True: a = input() if a == ‘stop’: break responses = agent.handle_text(a) for response in responses: print(response[“text”]) the issue is rasacore.agent